Saturday, January 25, 2014

O Guest, where art thou?

Here's a way to feel really stupid. Haul yourself out of your cozy bed in the dark, face the subzero day to have a full breakfast on the table at 7 to accommodate returning guests with an early appointment. You wouldn't think that one hour would make such a difference but after putting several thousand breakfasts on the table, many times for 8 or 10 people at 8am , for some reason doing the same thing for a 7am deadline for 2 people seems difficult. Nevertheless, as I write, fruit has been prepared, bread has been baked, muesli has been made, eggs have been provided by the freezing chickens down the road, a fire blazes in the dining room and the aroma of freshly ground coffee fills the house. What doesn't fill the house are my guests. They aren't here. When they didn't arive at the table by 7:15 I went to see if perhaps they had overslept. Perhaps they did, but not in my house. There was their room with the welcoming light, just as I'd left it last night. Perhaps something ghastly has happened to them. I hope not. I'll keep you posted. Update: no one dead, apologies all round, life goes on, but if you want an early breakfast at Blue Skye in future, you can, as they say, whistle Dixie.