Tuesday, August 28, 2012

From today's paper

Favorite news story this morning:  police say a man at a movie theater in Nevada accidently shot himself in the buttocks during a showing of The Bourne Legacy.   One more reason to forego the cinema.  Currently we don't go because we can't hear the movie over the sound of chewing. 
Second favorite news story this morning:  state employees here in the Land of LePage can now keep guns in their locked cars in government carparks in Augusta.   I guess if they find themselves in a life threatening situation in say, the cafeteria, they can run to the carpark, unlock their car, get their weapon, run back to the cafeteria and defend themselves.  I feel so much better knowing this.  Don't you? 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A fire in August

I trust you all had a wonderful August.  I've been a tad busy.  I inadvertantly celebrated  the busiest weekend here by starting a fire in the middle of breakfast service for 14.  There was a time when this would have thrown me off my stride. There was a time when I made do with one chin.  Things change.  So I turn around to see a tea towel and a pot holder blazing merrily on the stove and I immediately have an out of body experience which enables me to watch  from a perch on the ceiling fan as this amazingly competent woman who turns out to be me, casually tosses all the flaming articles into the sink and continues cooking the sausages.

I've had a run of really interesting, nice people here with the occasional weirdo thrown in to jazz things up. (You know who you are.)  And they have been generously tolerant of the foibles of this innkeeper.  A wonderful example of my style of innkeeping was made apparent yesterday when I came into my kitchen to find a note from a guest telling me that he had answered the front door and dealt with an inquiry in my absence.  Now if I could just get them to make their own breakfasts and beds ...