Saturday, April 14, 2012

What, me mad?

I looked up just now and saw three airplanes.  This is unusual.  Then a fourth.  Then a low noisy one with water ski things on it. What is going on?  Has Kim Jong Un, the GREAT SUCCESSOR, in his disappointment and mortification over yesterday's rocket flop, decided to invade Maine?  Should I put my dog on the roof of the car a la the GREAT CHALLENGER and head for the hills?  Wait.  I'm in the hills. 
I've got to get out more.  Between the news and the presidential campaign I'm losing my grip.  Add to this a 3 day bout with the cold from hell during which time I was fever struck, drugged to the gills and in the thrall of Mad Men.  I watched 24 episodes in 2 days.  I stopped only to prepare breakfast for guests.  Oh yes.  There were guests.  I was encased in rubber gloves and disinfectant and made up to look healthy. I tried to avoid their gaze as the glittery eyes of a mad woman in the kitchen wielding knives is off putting to some people.   But here I am, back to normal.  I said, here I am, back to normal. 

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