Thursday, July 31, 2014

August at the B&B

Wacky season is upon us.  An Englishwoman lectures me at length on the finer points of email etiquette and then delivers a "terrible" rating on a travel site, the fact that she has never been here notwithstanding.  A former guest sends several messages asking me to search for a left-behind phone charger, clearly believing that I run a sideline selling phone chargers, abandoned Y-fronts and single socks on Ebay.   A woman has called twice now to ask the name of my inn and then to further inquire as to whether or not she has a reservation here.  As luck would have it, she does. 
And for some reason, (no doubt a travel program on tv) my guests have started confirming their already confirmed reservations, requiring me to re-confirm confirmations.  They also telephone me from the road giving me updates on their arrival times, despite a clear statement in their confirmations and re-confirmations that check in is any time after 3.  To me, this means that check in is any time after 3.  I've looked carefully at all the words in that sentence and I approve each and every one.  I think this is less to do with their reservation than the fact that they sit with a machine in their hands informing the universe of their every move interspersed with pictures of their cat.   Well, there is a full house checking in any time after 3 which inevitably means to someone that 1:30 is a good time to show up so I musn't dawdle. 

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