Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Portuguese Style Roasted Turkey served at Blue Skye on Thanksgiving

Portuguese Turkey

Boil a couple of pounds of your favorite potatoes.  Mash with just enough flavorful olive oil to make them smooth.  Saute two or three onions and a finely chopped chorizo in olive oil.  When onions are golden and just about to brown, mix into potatoes.  Meantime take the pits out of 2 or 3 handfuls of black olives.  DO NOT use those flabby wet disgusting pitted tinned olives.  This recipe is easy enough that you can spare the time to pit your own olives.  Buy the oil cured ones.  They have the closest taste to Portuguese olives in Portugal.  Chop and add to mashed potatoes. Salt and pepper of course and a lot of chopped parsley (Italian flat-leaved.  That curly stuff is for sticking in your hat, not eating, as someone not me said.)Stuff bird with this mixture.  Halfway through roasting,  pour a bottle of dry white wine over turkey.

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