Friday, July 20, 2012

Are these ornamental?

There are three decanters grouped on the table:  onange juice, cranberry juice and apple juice. 
There are 7 guests, one of whom has recently had eye surgery.  "Are these ornamental?" the recent surgeree asks, gesturing vaguely to the juices.  I'm thinking, "how on earth did you travel here from Michigan by yourself?"but say, "No.  They are juices.  Orange, cranberry and apple."  "Oh," she says.  Later I notice that she is drinking orange juice out of a teacup while telling the other guests about her trip which involved a diversion to Atlanta , a night in a chair in Orlando and then a flight to somewhere like Connecticut.  I'm almost in tears thinking about this lady catching all the wrong planes and thinking that airport flower arrangements are salads when I notice that there are no glasses on the table. In the meantime, guests are chiming in about the storms up and down the east coast that disrupted everyone's travel plans yesterday. 

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